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The Deer

Deer populations are on the increase in the UK, this is shown in recent deer society surveys. High populations of deer can cause road accidents, over grazing and starvation amongst deer populations. Overgrazing causes unacceptable damage to crops and trees and can devastate woodlands.

Because there are no truly wild habitats in the UK the deer have learnt to adapt and utilise areas left to them, such as parks and gardens. This is evident with the Muntjack deer which is thriving in urban environments.

There are a total of 6 species of deer in the UK, the 2 indigenous species are the the Red and Roe deer. Other species thought to have arrived during the 19th to 20th century are the Sika, Muntjack and Chinese water deer. The fallow is thought to be introduced by the Normans.

Urban And Rural Control Methods

When Controlling deer its important to use a professional that has the experience and knowledge to manage you deer population efficiently and humanely. Our wildlife management team hold deer society membership, are highly trained marksmen, and hold the deer society level 2 certificate.

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